Behold UPA192 Power Amplifier
Audio Research DSi200 Integrated Amplifier
Naim Ovator S-600 Loudspeakers
Weiss Int202 Digital Converter
TEAC Reference CR-H500NT CD Receiver
Ayre Acoustics DX-5 Multiformat Disc Player

Audio Research, Grand Prix Audio, Shunyata Research, Vandersteen Audio
Legacy Audio and Coda Technologies
Zu Audio and Peachtree Audio
E.A.R. USA and Sound Advice

October 4, Part 2 - Wadia, Jaton, Focal, Dynaudio, Valvet, Synergistic Research
October 4, Part 1 - Emerald Physics, Lenehan, ModWright Instruments, TRI, Affirm Audio, Raven

October 3, Part 2 - Crystal Cable, Vitus Audio, Blue Circle Audio, Joseph Audio, Monarchy Audio, Veloce
October 3, Part 1 - Stello, Hegel, Harbeth, Concert Fidelity, Emotiva

October 2, Part 2 - Reference 3A, Harmonic Resolution Systems, GamuT, Balanced Power Technology, LM HiFi
October 2, Part 1 - Odyssey Audio, Bel Canto Design, Anthony Gallo Acoustics, Atma-Sphere, Arion Audio, Gingko Audio

October 3 - "The Good, the Bad, and the Amazing" by Doug Schneider

October 4 - "Banding Together" by Jeff Fritz
October 2 - "Positive Developments in Computer-Based Audio" by Jeff Fritz

People and Places, A Thing or Two