Subwoofers reviewed on the SoundStage! Network in 2010 in the context of a stereo and/or home-theater system. All prices are in US dollars unless otherwise noted and are accurate at the time of the review.

The entries are shown alphabetically by company name.

201007_axiom_subPrice: $2350

Website: www.axiomaudio.com

Vince said: . . . if you have a large room and you’re in the market for a cost-no-object subwoofer, then give the Axiom Audio EP800 v3 a listen. It competes with subwoofers that cost several thousand dollars more, and might just save you a ton of money.


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The gist: Axiom's worthy entry into the bad-boy subwoofer sweepstakes.

201004_elementaldesignsPrice: $800

Website: www.edesignaudio.com

Rob said: The A5-350 was equally at home with music or movies -- a great attribute, and the sort of all-around versatility that makes purchasing an A5-350 a valid choice for audiophiles who seek a substantial subwoofer at a terrific price for their own large listening room or home theater.


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The gist: Forget those little dinky subs -- shake the walls with this monster.

201008_jbl_subPrice: $1099

Website: www.jbl.com

Thom said: Throughout my listening sessions, I was most amazed by how seldom the LS120P’s presence was obvious to me. It just did its job -- when it was needed, I heard deep, sonorous, well-articulated bass. When the recording didn’t include deep bass, the LS120P might as well have not been there at all.

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The gist: JBL has always been known for bass, and for good reason.

201005_jlsub_bPrice: $2100 USD in Black Satin finish; $2200 High-Gloss Black finish

Website: www.jlaudio.com

Vade said: $2100 is pretty pricey for a 10” subwoofer -- but that’s like comparing Chevy’s Aveo with its Corvette. While they’re both cars, the Corvette provides a level of performance that’s totally beyond the Aveo’s capabilities. And while the Corvette is unquestionably expensive, you’d be hard-pressed to find a car that provides more performance at its price point. The Fathom f110 is similar: It’s not the cheapest 10” subwoofer on the market, but I challenge you to find a better one at its price -- or at any price. I haven’t.


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The gist: Possibly the best 10" subwoofer you can buy.

MartinLogan Dynamo 700Price: $695

Website: www.martinlogan.com

Ron said: Not only did the Dynamo 700 give me true full-range sound, it had a pinpoint curative effect on the response curves of the partnered speakers: When I’d set it to fix only what needed fixing, it did, and then stepped out of the way to let the Snells and Motion 12s sing. Pinpoint cures. I like that in doctors, too. Highly recommended!

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The gist: Known for 'stats, now known for woofers, too.

201011_velodynePrice: $1199

Website: www.velodyne.com

Kevin said: If there is a subwoofer out there that delivers the brand of honest sound that the Optimum-10 does, I want to hear it. But folks, I’m not sure it exists. The Optimum-10 is an outstanding audio product. Highly recommended.


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The gist: Tiny sub that delivers big on bass and room friendliness.

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