Turntables, phono stages, cartridges, etc., reviewed on the SoundStage! Network in 2010. All prices are in US dollars unless otherwise noted and are accurate at the time of the review.

The entries are shown alphabetically by company name.

201009_asr_miniPrice: $2900

Website: www.asraudio.de

Peter said: In making sound engineering choices that have decanted into an attainable “mini” package much of the magic of the big Basis Exclusive, ASR has produced yet another example of German engineering excellence.

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The gist: A very competent German phono stage.

201005_bc703_300wPrice: $6995

Website: www.bluecircle.com

Jason said: Throughout this entire review, I’ve raved about how good the BC703 is. Unlike essentially every other piece of stereo gear in my experience, there wasn’t one area of its performance that dissatisfied me. 

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Another kick-ass phono stage from Gilbert Yeung.

esoteric_e03Price: $5900

Website: www.esoteric.teac.com

Graham said: If you value reference-level transparency, space, detail, soundstaging, imaging, extended frequency extremes, and deep, tight, thunderous bass . . . well then, you’ll love the Esoteric E-03.

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The gist: Neutrality personified.

201008_nagra_vpsPrice: $5995

Website: www.nagraaudio.com

Graham said: The VPS has been very well engineered, and will probably prove as reliable as a Swiss bank vault -- something you should expect for $5995. This phono preamplifier taps that lustrous, rich analog experience that vinyl enthusiasts love; it drives home the joy of listening to LPs, and that makes it pretty good bang for the buck.

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The gist: A jewel-like phono stage with tubes.

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