Prices: Interconnect 1m Balanced AU$7500, Loudspeaker Cables 2m AU$14,300, AC Power 1m AU$4450

Website: www.crystalcable.com

Edgar said: Having a full loom of Crystal Cables’ Future Dream 22 provided undeniable evidence of the cable line’s music-making powers.

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The gist: Thin is in—at least in regards to cables.

Price: $1995 per 2m pair

Website: www.shunyata.com

Roger said: So if you have made a significant investment in a high-end audio system, the Venom-X could be just what you are looking for in a speaker cable, and at a price that is lower than what you might expect to pay for its level of performance.

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The gist: Not cheap, but a high-value speaker cable from a solid company.

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