Projectors and video displays reviewed on the SoundStage! Network in 2010 in the context of a home-theater system. All prices are in US dollars unless otherwise noted and are accurate at the time of the review.

The entries are shown alphabetically by company name.

anthem_projPrice: $7499

Website: www.anthemav.com

Wes said: Even if you’re not interested in a single-company solution, Anthem’s fair price, outstanding product support, and bleeding-edge design add up to a no-brainer recommendation. I don’t think any other projector at any price will make you happier.


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The gist: Wes likes it, so it must be that good.

201006_nuvisionPrice: $3499

Website: www.nuvision.com

Wes said: . . . if you can afford a flawlessly designed TV, then at least these products exist. If you can come up with the $3700 it will cost to see one of NūVision’s brilliant TVs installed on your wall, good for you. I wouldn’t look any further. You’ll love the experience.

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The gist: Luxury TV for your estate.

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