Price: $799.99

Website: hifi.dual.de/en/home-en/

Thom said: As mentioned in previous reviews, I’ve used Dual turntables for most of my audio life. I’ve always thought it unlikely that a Dual would come along to top my CS 5000, but I have to say, the CS 429 acquits itself pretty brilliantly.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Dual goes back to its automatic roots.

Price: $12,500

Website: www.emmlabs.com

Jason said: If you really, truly want to find out where a vinyl rig can take your system, man, oh man, do you ever need to check out the DS-EQ1 combined with one of DS Audio’s cartridges.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: A paradigm-shifting analog component?

Price: $399

Website: www.project-audio.com

Thom said: Pro-Ject has produced a unit that will get someone up and running and playing music that sounds bright and flavorful but doesn’t tire their ears on long sessions.

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The gist: Doesn’t do much wrong, which is impressive at just four bills.

Price: $1099

Website: www.thorens.com/en

Thom said: It looks gorgeous, it’s easy to set up, and its overall performance is quite satisfying.

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The gist: Thom loved the automatic aspect of its design.

Price: $7999

Website: usa.yamaha.com

Aron said: My time reviewing Yamaha’s GT-5000 turntable was an experience I will not soon forget, not only because it’s a fantastic-sounding turntable with a warm, fulsome presentation, but also because it’s a true pleasure to set up and use.

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The gist: Beautifully built and well-appointed turntable.

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