Price: $4499 per pair

Website: www.atohm.com

Dan said: If you just want a quick answer, then yes, I would heartily recommend the Atohm GT1-HD.

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The gist: Plays big and comes from a boutique manufacturer.

Price: $899.99

Website: www.svsound.com

Gordon said: On its own, the Prime Wireless Pro is a dynamite little two-channel system.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: The original was good, and this update is better in most every way.

Price: €1899 each

Website: www.system-audio.com

Gordon said: I suspect that there are many people who would love to have an audiophile-grade music system (or maybe even a surround system) in a multipurpose living space, but find it impossible because of room layout. For them, the Silverback active on-wall speakers might be just the ticket.

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The gist: Comes up a little short on the software side, but not a dealbreaker.

Price: $2250 per system

Website: www.totemacoustic.com

Gordon said: I very much doubt that you could match this performance in a system comprising an amplifier and pair of passive speakers with a combined cost of $2250.

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The gist: A little quirky but ultimately very satisfying.

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