Analog interconnects and speaker cables, digital interconnects, and power cords reviewed on the SoundStage! Network in 2010. All prices are in US dollars unless otherwise noted and are accurate at the time of the review.

The entries are shown alphabetically by company name.

analysis_copperPrices: $239 per 8’ pair (Black Oval 12), $315 per 1m pair (Micro Copper Oval-In)

Website: www.analysis-plus.com

Colin said: I like Analysis Plus for their strict adherence to a no-BS philosophy -- something exceedingly rare among makers of audio cables.

Great Buy

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The gist: Real engineering leads to real-good sound with AP.

artisan_300wPrice: $465 per 1m pair

Website: www.artisansilvercables.com

Kevin said: Artisan Silver Cables offers a viable option for many. I believe the Ultimate Silver Dream is superb for the price, and a real bargain for anyone looking to get into silver cables.

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The gist: Silver at copper prices.

audience_interconnectPrice: $379 per 1m pair

Website: www.audience-av.com

Jarrett said: While at first I felt that $379/meter pair was too high a price for an interconnect cable, I now have to admit: If I were looking for a midpriced cable that would provide high-end clarity and detail, I’d look to purchase a pair of Audience Conductor-e interconnects.

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The gist: Upgrade those entry-level cables.

201006_cardas_spk_300wPrices: $1840 per 1m pair RCA or $2140 per 1m pair XLR (Clear interconnects), $8668 per 2.5m pair (Clear Beyond speaker cables)

Website: www.cardas.com 

Pete said: . . . represent a true value among state-of-the-art cables, based on both the ratio of component/manufacturing cost to MSRP and, especially, the performance they provide.

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The gist: No assembler, a cable manufacturer. May be the SOTA.

201005_crystal_ic-1_300wPrices: $465 per 1m pair (interconnects); $1310 per 2m pair (speaker cables)

Website: www.crystalcable.com

Colin said: The Crystal Cable Piccolo family represents a benchmark in excellent cable performance at reasonable prices, and provides all the high technology any forward-thinking audiophile could want in an attractive, reasonably sized package.

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The gist: Thin is in.

Nordost Norse FreyPrices: $979 per 1m pair (Frey interconnects), $2059.99 per 1m pair (Nordost Frey speaker cables)

Website: www.nordost.com

Jason said: . . . after listening to the Norse Frey cables in my own system, researching their construction, and examining them firsthand, I have no hesitation in recommending them for either upgrade approach: all at once or one at a time.


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The gist: Jason gets Nordosted.

201011_nordost_tyrPrice: $1079

Website: www.nordost.com

Garrett said: The Tyr both tutored me and transformed my listening experience. Supremely balanced and natural, its sound is something I won’t do without anymore.


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The gist: Little things can make all the difference.

shunyata_stratosPrices: $5000 per 1m pair (Aeros Stratos-IC), $6000 per 2.5m pair (Aeros Stratos-SP)

Website: www.shunyata.com

Tim said: Technology aside, I was awestruck at how much more enjoyment I got from my stereo using this latest combination of Shunyata cords, cables, interconnects . . . High-end audio is a threshold of moving expectations. As of now, Shunyata Research has redefined the state of the art of audio power and signal delivery.


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The gist: Better cable research from Shunyata.

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