Prices: $3800/1m pair (interconnects), $3300/1m pair (speaker cables), $4750/1.75m (power cord)

Website: www.audience-av.com

Garrett said: The frontRows made everything I listened to gain gleam and glory.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Replaces Garrett’s older Audience cables as his reference.

Prices: $1820 USD per 6’ pair and $960 per 1m pair, XLR; $570 per 1m pair, RCA, respectively

Website: www.claruscable.com

Roger said: For those looking for reference-quality cables that look as good as they sound, I highly recommend the Clarus Aqua Mark II speaker cables and interconnects.

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The gist: Fit’n’finish is as good as the sound.

Price: AU$45,500 & AU$26,900 respectively

Website: www.in-akustik.de

Vedran said: These in-akustik’s Reference cables are for people who do and can afford to appreciate quality and workmanship.

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The gist: Audio jewelry in the form of cables.

Prices: Reference Loudspeaker AU$4350 (1.8m), Interconnect RCA AU$1480 (1m) and XLR AU$2500 (1m), AC Power AU$2280 (1.2m)

Website: www.vermouthaudio.com

Edgar said: Performance-wise, the Reference cables are a neutral conduit.

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The gist: Materially a bargain, according to Edgar.

Price: AU$650 per 1m cable

Website: www.vermouthaudio.com

Edgar said: So, beyond the excellence of design and construction, the Vermouth Audio Reference Phono cable delivers performance in line with the sum of its other design aspects.

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The gist: An overachiever, says Edgar!

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