Price: $399.99

Website: www.drop.com

Brent said: They’re more like good passive audiophile headphones with Bluetooth added as a convenience when you want it.

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The gist: Nicely balanced in almost all respects means most will like them.

Price: $119.99

Website: www.edifier.com

Brent said: The Edifier TWS6 earphones are something I have only rarely encountered: treble-focused, audiophile-oriented earphones that seem entirely free of nasty peaks and colorations in the treble.

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The gist: You may want fuller-sounding earphones than these.

Price: $329.95

Website: www.jvc.com

Brent said: Based on my experience and the comments from my panelists, I’m pretty confident that when you put ’em in your ears, you’ll like what you hear, and that you’ll consider them worth their price.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: That wood-fiber driver delivers great sound quality!

Price: $319.99

Website: www.marshallheadphones.com

Brent said: The ups include outstanding comfort; a very compact, travel-friendly design; effective noise canceling; and a better control system than most competitors offer.

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The gist: Needs a little equalization for the right sound.

Price: $99

Website: www.minidsp.com

Brent said: The EQ in the IL-DSP is a powerful creation with more than enough muscle to get a mediocre set of headphones sounding a lot better and a great set of headphones sounding a little better.

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The gist: The amp is the weak spot in this product.

Price: $179

Website: www.obravoaudio.com

Brent said: I’ve seen some positive reviews for these earphones, so I know some people like this sound -- and that might be you -- but it wasn’t to my or my panelists’ tastes.

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The gist: The sound wasn’t quite what Brent wanted.

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