Price: AU$34,995

Website: www.audioresearch.com

Edgar said: For music lovers who are chasing the purity, engagement and pleasure of music without artefact the 160S presents a solid proposition.

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The gist: Switchable Ultra-Linear and Triode modes offer two sound signatures to choose from.

Price: N° 526 AU$35,000, N° 534 AU$35,000

Website: www.marklevinson.com

Edgar said: My time with the Mark Levinson N° 526 Preamplifier and N° 534 Power Amplifier was filled with fuss-free musical enjoyment.

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The gist: Still a solid bet in high-end componentry.

Price: $2395

Website: www.rogueaudio.com

S. Andrea said: Rogue Audio’s Atlas Magnum II is everything a modern vacuum-tube amplifier should be: solidly built, easy to set up and maintain, reasonably powerful with very little self-noise, and having a sound that shows a bit of tube warmth without smearing over the details in good recordings.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Super value in a US-made stereo tube amp.

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