Price: AU$6795

Website: www.432evo.com

Tom said: The 432Hz tuning feature wouldn’t be worth much on its own if the 432EVO High-end Music Server didn’t sound good.

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The gist: Appears you can “tune” this music server.

Website: www.audia.it

Scott said: The Audia Flight FL CD Three S is a fascinating product and one deserving of consideration as a standalone quality music source, as well as integration into an existing system as an upgrade or adjunct for its digital versatility.

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The gist: Can be purchased with optional digital module to make it a DAC too.

Price: AU$34,995 per pair

Website: www.berkeleyaudiodesign.com

Edgar said: To the truest encapsulation of the word ‘Reference’, when it comes to the Alpha DAC Reference Series 3, I can but add one succinct word to celebrate its purest meaning: Triumph.

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The gist: A resolution monster and the best DAC Edgar has heard.

Price: $4195

Website: www.bryston.com

Gordon said: The more I listened, the more the BDA-3.14 grew on me. It was still growing on me when I disconnected it from my system to pack it up and return it to Bryston.

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The gist: The sound is great, the software merely OK.

Price: $3099.98

Website: www.elac.com

Gordon said: If I had to sum up the Alchemy DDP-2’s sound in one word, that word would be natural.

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The gist: A few bugs, but overall great sounding.

Price: $30,000

Website: www.emmlabs.com

Aron said: His DV2 D/A converter is the best-sounding DAC I’ve ever heard, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with it.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Easily one of the best DACs in the world.

Price: $2999

Website: https://www.exasound.com/

Gordon said: If you’re a Roon power user, and looking for a Roon Core server that can stream to multiple zones with a lot of heavy DSP, exaSound’s Delta deserves a serious look.

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The gist: If you need tons of processing power in your server this is the one.

Price: AU$59,995

Website: www.gryphon-audio.com

Edgar said: The Ethos’ ability to convey musical detail, dynamic communication and low-end power is unmatched.

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The gist: The best digital playback Edgar has heard in his system.

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