Price: $22,500 per pair

Website: www.estelon.com

Jason said: Can one speaker do it all? For the most part, yes. The Estelon YB has many talents, and it’s rare for a speaker to pass through my room and provide me with so many facets to explore.

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The gist: Beguiling in terms of looks and sound.

Price: AU$22,890 per pair

Website: www.fischer-fischer.de

Travis said: Slim, elegant and functional 2-ways, with a side order of extra gravity!

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The gist: Made from slate, but far from hard sounding.

Price: $16,990 per pair

Website: www.focalnaimamerica.com

Hans said: There’s no mistaking Focal’s smallest, most attainable Utopia model for anything other than a top-shelf loudspeaker. 

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The gist: Classic design that’s still relevant today.

Price: AU$35,000

Website: www.magico.net

Edgar said: It’s the expression of highly skilled engineers and designers with a team focus and a clarity of purpose fulfilled by the A5’s capability to offer tonally accurate, powerfully dynamic, realistically immediate, precisely resolute and thoroughly enjoyable music.

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The gist: The top A-series speaker from Magico breaks new ground for the California company.

Price: $12,000 per pair

Website: www.pmc-speakers.com

Jason said: These are just really good speakers: dynamic, with fantastic bass, an expressive midrange, and a silky, extended treble.

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The gist: Pro audio roots, audiophile sound.

Price: AU$31,995 per pair

Website: www.revelspeakers.com

Edgar said: Well, while not the definitive illustration of Revel’s capabilities – that glorious station is occupied by the Ultima line offerings and its range-topping Salon2 – the PerformaBe F328Be loudspeakers are, nevertheless, a quintessential example of cutting edge engineering and design.

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The gist: With the striking performance of the Performas, isn’t it time to update the Ultimas?

Price: $13,500 per pair

Website: www.sonusfaber.com

Aron said: The Sonus Faber Olympica Nova III is pretty much the ideal small floorstanding loudspeaker for the discerning audiophile.

Reviewers' Choice

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Price: $14,000-$18,500 per pair, depending on finish

Website: www.vimberg.de

Diego said: If you’re in the market for the very best stand-mounted speaker out there, the Vimberg Amea should be on your must-audition list.

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The gist: Won’t hide anything in your recordings.

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