Price: $990 per pair

Website: www.focal.com

Diego said: Through the Chora 806, acoustic piano, acoustic or electric guitar, strings, and especially voices, all had a palpable, detailed, reach-out-and-touch-it presence that I found especially rewarding.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Amazingly good stand-mount for the money.

Price: $799 per pair

Website: www.klipsch.com

Gordon said: Their sound was consistently lively and engaging -- the hardness I occasionally heard didn’t prevent me from really enjoying them.

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The gist: If they aren’t a connection issue for you, they might be just the ticket.

Price: $1399.98 per pair

Website: www.nhthifi.com

Diego said: The C 3 Carbon Fibers impressed me with their relatively neutral frequency range and laser-like imaging, along with good amounts of transparency and detail retrieval.

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The gist: Linear and transparent, but without much bass.

Price: AU$4950 per pair

Website: www.rogers-hifi.uk

Edgar said: . . . state-of-the-art levels for resolution and micro-detail, exactness, transparency and purity throughout the midrange while projecting a grander scale than its diminutive size would suggest.

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The gist: Iconic loudspeaker reborn with greater performance than ever.

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