Price: $99.99

Website: www.usa.1more.com

Brent said: Like all the other true wireless earphones we’ve tried, the 1More E1026BT-Is don’t work sonic miracles, but their sound comes pretty close to the best of them at a fraction of the price.

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The gist: A bargain in good wireless earphones.

Price: $149

Website: www.akg.com

Brent said: They deliver detail and spaciousness that at least equal what I’ve heard in any headphones I’ve heard at any price.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Harman Curve all over this product.

Price: $399

Website: www.audeze.com

Brent said: The LCD-1s bring the neutral, natural sound of the best audiophile headphones down to a reasonable price -- and a size that makes it easy to bring the headphones anywhere you go. This is a direction I’m very glad to see audiophile headphones going.

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The gist: Planar magnetics for the masses?

Price: $1699

Website: www.aurisaudioshop.com

Brent said: If you prefer audio gear that’s out of the mainstream -- that delivers an extra bit of realism, life, breath, soul, or whatever you want to call it -- and your taste is more towards classical and jazz, or lighter, folky singer/songwriter fare, then I’m pretty sure you’ll dig the Euterpe.

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The gist: The tubes might seduce you.

Price: $199.95

Website: www.ausounds.com

Brent said: So if you want a pair of Bluetooth earphones, and you want good sound, the AU-Flex ANCs are a good option -- especially if you’re willing to make a subtle adjustment in your phone’s EQ app.

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The gist: Add these to the growing list of good Bluetooth earphones.

Price: $399

Website: www.beyerdynamic.com

Brent said: Sonically, the tonal balance is definitely on the soft side -- if you like mellower sound and find many headphones too grating to listen to for long, these will likely please you, but those who want to hear exciting, detailed treble probably won’t be captivated.

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The gist: The noise canceling was a weak spot.

Price: $129.99

Website: www.cambridgeaudio.com

Brent said: A Melomania 2, with a more up-to-date Bluetooth chipset and a much broader selection of tips, would be a strong contender.

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The gist: Very good but with some specific flaws.

Price: $299

Website: www.campfireaudio.com

Brent said: The IOs have that generally smooth sound we’ve heard from other Campfire Audio models, but with a little more treble and a little less bass.

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The gist: Tuned for a specific type of listener.

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