(2019) Stereo Analog Source Components

Price: $5000

Website: www.boulderamp.com

Oliver said: To those looking for a straightforward, fuss-free phono preamplifier that prioritizes sound quality, I say put the Boulder 508 at the very top of your audition list: It’s my top choice in a solid-state phono stage at or near $5000.

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The gist: New price point for this super-high-end company.

Price: $19,900

Website: www.constellationaudio.com

Jason said: In terms of sound quality, I can’t think of a single thing I’d change about how the Revelation Andromeda reproduces music.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Jason was smitten by this expensive phono stage.

Price: $169.95

Website: www.crosleyradio.com

Thom said: Is it truly high fidelity? Maybe not -- but it doesn’t miss that mark by much. It’s possibly the least expensive way to get into vinyl with a serious turntable.

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The gist: Classic brand delivers a solid value in an entry-level ‘table.

Price: $6500

Website: www.mcintoshlabs.com

Gordon said: McIntosh Laboratory’s MTI100 is an audio component, but it’s also a piece of industrial art.

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The gist: Unique -- in a good way -- in the world of audio.

Price: $1349, bundled (turntable alone, $1199; cartridge alone, $199)

Website: www.mofielectronics.com

Thom said: While $1349 is not an inconsiderable amount of cash for many of us, I discovered that the StudioDeck+ package is a truly great value.

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The gist: Step up from a starter ‘table.

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