(2019) Subwoofers

Price: $549

Website: www.paradigm.com

Hans said: At $549 with its 10” woofer and decent overall power output, it can work in a wide variety of applications, and provide legitimate extension down to 30Hz -- which means you don’t give up much to bigger, pricier alternatives.

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The gist: Better bass has never been so affordable.

Price: $1299

Website: www.paradigm.com

Roger said: It faces stiff competition from many manufacturers, including some that provide outstanding value through online sales, such as SVS and Hsu Research -- but few of those subs, if any, offer a room-correction system as advanced as ARC, which makes the X12 stand out in a crowded field.

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The gist: More Paradigm subwoofer for your money is always a good thing.

Price: $999.99

Website: www.svsound.com

Diego said: The bass I heard from this small box, unassuming yet nice to look at, bordered on the difficult to believe -- very fast, very tight, very deep, with more than enough output to fill my 15’L x 12’W x 8’H room with sound-pressure levels that would satisfy all but the most demanding bass heads.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Hard to believe you could do better in the sub department for the money.

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