Accessories, stands and other uncategorized products reviewed on the SoundStage! Network in 2009. All prices are in US dollars unless otherwise noted and are accurate at the time of the review.

The entries are shown alphabetically by company name.


Price: $2995

Website: www.copland.dk

He said: I can’t say how it compares to room-correction hardware made of wood and metal and fiber, but I do know that the DRC205 is a heck of a lot easier to install and set up properly than are bass traps and acoustic tiles, and takes up a lot less room.

rc 70x80

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The gist: Repeat after me: Must address my room. Must address my room.


Prices: $10,660 (MXR), $2495 each (M3)

Website: www.avisolation.com

Jeff said: First, the means employed by Chief Engineer Michael Latvis to mitigate all manner of vibration is, by any subjective or objective standard, extreme. Second, from what I can see, the materials used are the absolute best the industry has to offer.

ultra sel 120x80

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The gist: The ultimate in vibration control for your SOTA sound system.


Prices: $5995 (SXR), $1695 (S1), $195 (Damping Plate), $32.50 (Nimbus Coupler), $43 (Nimbus Spacer)

Website: www.avisolation.com

He said: Audition a Harmonic Resolution Systems SXR rack, Nimbus System, and Damping Plates, and see what a coherent, complementary, and thoroughly choreographed resonance-control system can do for your components.

ultra sel 120x80

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The gist: If vibrations are the disease, here’s the cure.


Price: $5860

Website: www.headphone.com

John said: By giving you the choice of audiophile quality listening via speakers or headphones, you get the best of both worlds wrapped up in a neat little package.

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The gist: Working late at the office never sounded so good.


Price: $249

Website: www.phiaton.com

John said: Phiaton has a long road to travel to be the equal of the big boys of the headphone world, but then, those companies aren’t producing headphones that offer the looks and sound of the MS 400s along with factory-direct pricing.

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The gist: High-tech ear candy.


Price: $295 per set of 12

Website: www.shunyata.com

Ken said: For those skeptical of the benefits of cable elevators, I particularly recommend an audition of these. Regardless of the scientific rationale, products like the Dark Field elevators and the effect they have on the sound keep the audiophile hobby fun and interesting.

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The gist: Elevate those bad boys.

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