(2019) Stereo Loudspeakers $5,000-$10,000

Price: $5999 per pair

Website: www.focal.com

Doug said: If I were looking for a topflight two-way minimonitor, this is the one I’d go to first -- and maybe last.

Reviewers' Choice

Read the SoundStage! Hi-Fi review.

The gist: Doug’s favorite minimonitor anywhere near the price.

Price: $5999.98 per pair

Website: www.goldenear.com

Doug said: The Triton One.R is a fabulous-sounding speaker for its price -- decidedly better than the Triton One, and pretty much on a par with the Triton Reference.

Reviewers' Choice

Read the SoundStage! Hi-Fi review.

The gist: The Triton Doug would buy.

Price: AU$8995 per pair

Website: www.kef.com

Edgar said: So far as this reviewer is concerned, the value on offer here is undisputable. The KEF R11 is a genuine audio bargain. Period.

Read the SoundStage! Australia review.

The gist: As usual, KEF offers more speaker than you’d expect at the price.

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