Price: $99.99

Website: www.usa.1more.com

Brent said: Like all the other true wireless earphones we’ve tried, the 1More E1026BT-Is don’t work sonic miracles, but their sound comes pretty close to the best of them at a fraction of the price.

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The gist: A bargain in good wireless earphones.

Price: $149

Website: www.akg.com

Brent said: They deliver detail and spaciousness that at least equal what I’ve heard in any headphones I’ve heard at any price.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Harman Curve all over this product.

Price: AU$25,500

Website: www.aplhifi.com

Tom said: The DSD-SR’s overall balance seemed on the lighter side of what I’m used to. This in turn meant the reduced mid-bass weight allowed small mid-range details to become more apparent.

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The gist: Not-quite-neutral DAC.

Price: AU$18,800

Website: www.aquahifi.com

Peter said: For me, for the time being, and especially when you factor in the xHD’s value for often bleeding-edge performance, I’d call it a “bargain and the best I ever had.”

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The gist: Modularity adds value to this DAC.

Price: $399

Website: www.audeze.com

Brent said: The LCD-1s bring the neutral, natural sound of the best audiophile headphones down to a reasonable price -- and a size that makes it easy to bring the headphones anywhere you go. This is a direction I’m very glad to see audiophile headphones going.

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The gist: Planar magnetics for the masses?

Price: $30,000 per pair

Website: www.audioresearch.com

Aron said: I found the Reference 160M captivatingly enjoyable to listen to, despite a slight roundness and lack of texture in the bass.

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The gist: The new ARC look is a big improvement.

Price: $15,000

Website: www.audioresearch.com

Aron said: In my time with it, I quickly learned that Audio Research’s Reference 6 preamplifier is one of those rare products capable of producing a quality of sound greater than might be suggested by the sum of its parts.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Aron bought the review sample.

Price: $949.99

Website: www.audiolab.co.uk

Diego said: I had nothing to complain of about its sound -- it mostly got out of the way of the music, letting my speakers and room sound as good as I’m accustomed to.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Compares, in sound and build, to those costing much more.

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