Price: $350

Website: www.furutech.com

Brent said: Kudos to Furutech for inventing the NCF Booster, a new and very effective type of tweak and a solution to the long-neglected problem of heavy audiophile power cords becoming misaligned with, or even straining or breaking, IEC outlets.

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The gist: Solution to a problem you may not have realized your system had.

Price: $165 per panel

Website: www.gikacoustics.com

Howard said: GIK Acoustics’ 2A Alpha panels improved my room’s acoustics, were easy to set up, look fantastic, and cost a heck of a lot less than that new amplifier I just bought.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Great bang for the buck in terms of sound-quality improvement.

Price: AU$210 each

Website: www.nordost.com

Edgar said: Ranging from the subtle in some areas to the easily distinguishable in others, the Sort Kone BCs nevertheless made an overall undeniable improvement to my system’s levels of transparency, harmonic decay, detail retrieval and soundstage presentation.

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The gist: This tweak was a positive change for Edgar’s system’s sound.

Price: AU$1190

Website: www.redgumaudio.com

Edgar said: This baby stays solidly embedded within the context of my reference system. Bonza!

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The gist: Edgar says this phono stage is a “screaming bargain.”

Price: AU$4200/level

Website: www.sgraudio.com

Edgar said: The SGR Audio Model V Statement Hi-Fi racks are a winner of a design and the #0001s are now staying in situ as an essential component within the context of SoundStage! Australia HQ’s reference system.

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The gist: Topflight engineering, build quality, and yes, sound, too.

Price: $1200

Website: www.vpiindustries.com

Jason said: While $1200 might seem a bit stiff, once you consider the fact that the Cyclone will likely last a literal lifetime, it begins to feel like a bargain. I can’t recommend this thing highly enough.

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The gist: Gotta take care of that precious vinyl, and this will do it.

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