Prices: $1750 per 4’ pair for speaker cables and 766 per 0.5m pair for interconnects

Website: www.analysis-plus.com

Roger said: You could spend even more on cables from some other manufacturers, but in my system, Analysis Plus’s Silver Apexes provided absolutely stellar sound.

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The gist: Competes with the best for less.

Price: AU$9999

Website: www.in-akustik.de

Edgar said: In addition to its excellent neutrality, add to the LS-4004 Air’s armoury a superbly solid bass, good dynamics with the recreation of wide soundfields and total precision in terms of image placement and you have a cable with all the requisite ingredients to suit high-end systems at any level.

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The gist: Super neutral and flexible speaker cables for ten Gs.

Price: Interconnect AU$22,000, Digital AU$18,000, USB AU$19,000, Power AU$25,000, Speaker AU$52,000

Website: www.zensati.com

Edgar said: So, while other cable designs I’ve carefully auditioned, or had in-house, have come very close to equalling it, the sILENzIO loom achieves the very highest status within my cable universe experience.

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The gist: In Edgar’s opinion, these are the top dogs.

Price: AU$9990 for 1m RCA & XLR, AU$17,150 for 2.4m speaker cables

Website: www.taralabs.com

Edgar said: This cable loom is neutral and allows for stunning dynamic expression while communicating the music in a pacey, enjoyably rhythmic way. Low-level detail is easily discerned but without introducing artificiality, in other words, the excellent standard of resolution maintains the integrity of the musical message. 

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The gist: Elevated Edgar's system to a higher level.

Price: AU$9900

Website: www.telluriumq.com

Edgar said: It adheres to the first mandate of any good cable: Do no Harm.

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The gist: According to Edgar, pretty much a neutral cable.

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