Price: $9990

Website: www.avm.audio

Jeff said: Even at close to ten grand, what you get in functionality, build quality, and, most important, sound quality, makes the SD 6.2 worth the price of admission.

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The gist: Fine centerpiece to an Ultra-worthy audio system.

Price: $49.99

Website: www.benjie-tx.com

Rad said: It’s a perfect entry-level music player, and its small size, solid construction, and ease of operation are big pluses that make it a perfect gym buddy -- you can toss it in your bag without fear of injuring it. All of that, and it plays hi-rez files! What’s not to like?

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The gist: Cheapest decent portable Rad has experienced.

Price: $899.99

Website: www.cambridgeaudio.com

Sathyan said: Cambridge Audio’s original CXN was very well received, and the CXN (V2) upholds the standard set by its predecessor.

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The gist: When you'd rather have an audio component than a computer serving your music.

Price: AU$2400

Website: www.chordelectronics.co.uk

Barry said: Sonically, the Qutest is further confirmation of Rob Watts’ prowess as one of the preeminent digital audio designers on the planet today. Aesthetically, it’s the sort of device I would want to put in a prominent position within my equipment rack.

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The gist: Beat his Perreaux hands down.

Price: $26,000

Website: www.esoteric-usa.com

Howard said: Spend some time with the Esoteric Grandioso G1 master clock generator and you’ll likely never go back. It not only uncovers in recordings of music levels of detail, precision, and tonal richness previously unsuspected, it also reveals aspects of performances, including those of the recording venue itself, that are missed by less accurate digital pendulums.

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The gist: If you’ve got the money to spend . . .

Price: $5600

Website: www.linnenberg-audio.de

Jeff said: Linnenberg’s combination of great specs subjected to final judgments by the human ear has resulted in good things for the Telemann. Compare it with your DAC-preamp of choice and you just may find out that, when the right company is making the product, $5600 worth of sound is all you need.

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The gist: Fully competitive with Jeff’s reference: the Hegel HD30 DAC.

Price: AU$5990

Website: www.luminmusic.com

Barry said: Investing $6000 in a source component is a substantial commitment, however considering the simplicity and the level of performance the T1 delivers, in my opinion it’s one that is easily justified.

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The gist: Network playing made easy.

Price: AU$990 each

Website: www.redgumaudio.com

Edgar said: For an easy to set-up just-about-all-in-one solution that performs very well both technically and sonically, the RGDAC8 DAC and RGMP8 Music Player ‘Aggregata Stack’ is highly recommended.

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The gist: One-stop file-based sound from Down Under.

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