Preamplifiers reviewed on the SoundStage! Network in 2009. All prices are in US dollars unless otherwise noted and are accurate at the time of the review.

The entries are shown alphabetically by company name.


Price: $58,000 as configured ($30,000 base price).

Website: www.behold.eu

Jeff said: It can work wonders, and it won’t be outclassed by any other single component in the equation. The Behold APU768 is the most advanced piece of high-end electronics I’ve ever used.

ultra sel 120x80

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The gist: The future of ultra-high-end preamps?


Price: $4695

Website: www.powermodules.com

Vade said: The Belles VT-01 sounds spectacular, looks gorgeous, is easy to operate, and, considering its performance, is reasonably priced.

rc 70x80

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The gist: Dave Belles hitting his stride.


Price: $19,950 with internal phono stage, $16,950 for line stage only

E-mail: catamps@aol.com

Marc said: Given its many and varied strengths, the CAT SL1 Legend is the finest preamp I’ve had in my system. If it takes years of tinkering to produce a preamp like this one, so be it. Greatness, as they say, can’t be rushed.

rc 70x80

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The gist: The CAT’s out of the bag: this could be the best.

lamm_ll21_300wPrice: $5990

Website: www.lammindustries.com

He said: Perhaps the highest compliment I can pay the Lamm LL2.1 Deluxe is to say that, after I came to know it, I didn’t want to review it -- I just wanted to hear music through it. By the end of my listening sessions, the audiophile words tended to fall away.


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The gist: Vladimir Lamm improves on a classic.


Price: $265

Website: www.trendsaudio.com

Roger said: The SEs cost significantly more than the earlier Trends products I’ve heard and admired, and with higher cost come higher expectations of sound quality -- in that regard, these models delivered.

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The gist: Tubes on the cheap.

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