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(2018) Portable Speakers

Price: $1099

Website: www.dynaudio.com

Al said: This is among the best, if not the best, all-in-one Wi-Fi speakers I’ve tested, with a detailed, effortless, natural sound that goes far beyond the boundaries of its single cabinet to create a convincing stereo soundstage with music.

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The gist: The highest of high-end all-in-ones.

Price: $499.98

Website: www.elac.com

Al said: With the arrival of the Discovery Z3, we have yet another reason to keep paying attention to Elac.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Roon endpoint with good looks and above-average sound for an all-in-one.

Price: $199.99

Website: www.gracedigital.com

Rad said: Let’s praise the Mondo+ for what it is: a superb, fun-to-use Internet radio with enough options to last a lifetime, and new ones being added via Wi-Fi at a rapid pace. 

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The gist: Just another good Wi-Fi radio among many.

Price: $399.95

Website: www.jbl.com

Al said: If you’re looking for a compact speaker with room-filling sound, and the ability to answer your questions and do what you tell it to, the Link 500 could be an excellent fit.

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The gist: Would you like good sound with your digital assistant?

Price: $499

Website: www.klipsch.com

Al said: If you want a Wi-Fi speaker that can also play LPs and has a cool, vintage look, look no further than the Three.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Maybe not a mini Klipschorn, but a real Klipsch nonetheless.

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