Prices: $999 (Soundbar), $599 (Subwoofer)

Website: www.bluesound.com

Kevin said: If you’re squeezed for space and want excellent reproduction of music and terrific sound for viewing, the Pulse Soundbar and Pulse Sub may well be the answer.

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The gist: Wireless and non-obtrusive way to get great sound from right under your TV.

Price: $999.95

Website: www.martinlogan.com

Kevin said: In MartinLogan’s Motion SLM X3 you get superb sound quality in three discrete channels with separation that’s among the best I’ve heard from anything like a soundbar, and with clarity, compliments of ML’s Folded Motion tweeter, that may be unrivaled -- again, for a soundbar.

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The gist: The tweeter is what separates this model from your average soundbar.

System Price: $3322

Website: www.paradigm.com

Vince said: If you’re looking for a way to unobtrusively enhance the sound of your movies, give these speakers an audition. I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I was.

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The gist: Compact-yet-powerful soundbar-based HT system.

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