Price: $1125 per box of four

Website: www.lotusgroupusa.com

Garrett said: The fo.Q Modrate HEM-25 Pure Note Insulators, brass or stainless steel, improved almost all aspects of sound for me, regardless of what kind of music I listened to, and did more to better the sound than the footers from two other manufacturers.

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The gist: If you’ve got sub-par feet under your gear . . .

Price: $8000

Website: www.simaudio.com

Doug said: Simaudio’s Moon Evolution 820S power supply works as well as I expected it to; however, it’s the Evolution-series owner who ultimately must decide if the improvements are worth $8000.

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The gist: Specialized product is upgrade for Simaudio’s Evolution-series components.

Price: $415 each (AT-1), $300 each (AP-1)

Website: www.zandenaudio.com

Garrett said: Never before have I enjoyed such a clean, clear, vibrant, holographic, and dimensional sound in my room.

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The gist: Affordable room treatments from a surprising source.

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