Price: $2495

Website: www.europeanaudioteam.com

Jason said: This new turntable from EAT is a wonderful component and a lovely little turntable -- and I use little in its most complimentary sense. Highly recommended.

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The gist: This much turntable for 2500 bucks? Wow.

Price: $7490

Website: www.luxman.com

Tom said: In a previous review, I urged readers to search for audio components that would stand the test of time. Such components should be relentlessly musical, gorgeous to look at, easy to use, reliable, and provide state-of-the-art sound quality that’s unlikely to be significantly bettered for years. The Luxman checks all of those boxes.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: The vinyl lover’s dream component.

Price: $4995

Website: www.vandenhul.com

Tom said: The van den Hul Crimson Stradivarius sounds more neutral, even, balanced, and real than any other cartridge I have heard. By definition, that makes it, for me, of reference caliber, and a perfect addition to a reviewer’s toolbox or a music lover’s analog source.

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The gist: An analog masterpiece by a master craftsman.

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