NAD Masters Series M17Price: $5499

Website: www.nadelectronics.com

Roger said: Combined with NAD’s matching Masters Series M27 seven-channel power amplifier -- or, for that matter, any high-quality power amp -- the M17 should provide excellent performance with both multichannel and stereo recordings.

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The gist: Solid pre-pro across the board.

NAD Masters Series M27Price: $3999

Website: www.nadelectronics.com

Roger said: In the Masters Series M27, NAD has succeeded in delivering a practical, cost-effective implementation of Hypex’s excellent-sounding Ncore amplifier technology. If you’re looking for a powerful, extremely high-quality, seven-channel amplifier that won’t break the bank, I can’t recommend the M27 highly enough. In fact, I can’t think of a comparable product in this price range.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: A whopping seven channels of good sound in this compact amplifier.

OnkyoPrice: $1199

Website: www.onkyousa.com

Sathyan said: For readers mostly interested in video playback that supports the latest audio codecs -- Onkyo has, impressively, delivered Dolby Atmos via a firmware update -- but want to occasionally listen to music, the TX-NR838 is a solid value.

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The gist: One of many good HT receivers on the market.

Parasound Halo A 31Price: $3295

Website: www.parasound.com

Roger said: The Halo A 31 has a clear, detailed sound that belies its price, combined with just a touch of warmth. This blend of qualities made it a joy to listen to. Add to that its prodigious power output and rock-solid build quality, and I can assure you: It’s the real deal.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Roger was knocked out by the sound.

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