Cambridge Audio Azur 651PPrice: $249

Website: www.cambridgeaudio.com

Thom said: It does what all good audio gear should: It gets out of the way and lets the music pour forth. It’s a component any vinyl-playing audiophile will appreciate, and at $249, it’s a steal. If you’re looking to add vinyl capability to your system, listen to an Azur 651P. You can’t do better at anywhere near its price.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Cheap way to get into good-sounding vinyl.

Simaudio Moon Evolution 610LPPrice: $7500

Website: www.simaudio.com

Jason said: So. Bass? Check. Treble? Yep. Imaging? You bet. The 610LP did it all right. But it’s how the Simaudio put it all together that makes this phono stage truly valuable.

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The gist: Not inexpensive, but quite impressive in its capabilities.

Octave Audio Phono EQ.2Price: $1899

Website: www.octave.de

Oliver said: If you’re looking for something that can properly load your cartridge, makes marathon listening a breeze, and -- most important -- never fails to make compelling music, do yourself a solid and check out Octave Audio’s Phono EQ.2. You’ll be happy you did.

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The gist: Nice little phono stage from an iconic German firm.

Onkyo CP-1050 Turntable with OC-105Price: $499

Website: www.us.onkyo.com

Thom said: The CP-1050 seemed to have its own sound, and would match well with a slightly better, lively sounding, moderate-cost cartridge with elliptical stylus from Audio-Technica or Ortofon. If you’re in the market to enter or re-enter the Wonderful World of Vinyl, the Onkyo CP-1050 may be just what you need.

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The gist: Competent turntable for a decent price.

Pro-JectPrice: $3499

Website: www.project-audio.com

Oliver said: The combo of Pro-Ject Classic Xtension 10 Evolution and Sumiko BlackBird is a thoroughly enjoyable record-playing system -- one with eminently musical chops, fine sound, and fuss-free setup and operation. It’s one of the best Pro-Ject designs to date, and given the company’s history of making record players, that’s saying a lot. If you’re shopping for a complete turntable setup between $3500 and $4000, be sure to listen to the Pro-Ject’s SuperPack combo of Classic Xtension 10 Evolution and Sumiko BlackBird. You’ll be glad you did.

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The gist: Venerable Austrian company’s middle-of-the-road turntable is darned good.

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