Bluesound PulsePrice: $699

Website: www.bluesound.com

Kevin said: The Bluesound Pulse is a glorified, high-end, streaming boom box -- it even looks a bit like a boom box. Nonetheless, it streamed flawlessly, with an overall sound quality far superior to and an LF rendering far deeper and more accurate than that of any one-box model I’ve ever heard.

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The gist: Beautiful sound from this one-box solution.

Cabasse Stream 1Price: $900

Website: www.cabasse.com

Kevin said: The Stream 1 is sleek and stylish; it has streaming chops, a plethora of inputs, and clean, sparkling sound. I can imagine you putting it in your rec room or on the pool deck, to use for background music at a party -- or on the back porch.

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The gist: A serious mono Bluetooth speaker from France.

JBLPrice: $49.95

Website: www.jbl.com

Rad said: The JBL Clip could never be considered a main speaker, and was never intended to be. But if you need something quick, easy, and lightweight for background music, the Clip can provide decent sound for those purposes, so long as you keep the volume within reasonable limits.

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The gist: Decent little portable, but not much else.

Koss BTS1Price: $59.99

Website: www.koss.com

Rad said: It’s good for background listening with music you’re already familiar with from having heard it through bigger, better speakers.

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The gist: Not really hi-fi, but OK for a small portable.

Outdoor Tech Buckshot ProPrice: $79.95

Website: www.outdoortechnology.com

Rad said: Though the Buckshot Pro is flexible as to placement, I think it will mostly be used attached to bicycle handlebars, with the speaker pointed at the rider and the flashlight pointed forward. Then it will keep you marginally safe and modestly entertained, and act as an emergency phone charger if you need it.

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The gist: Sound for the cyclist.

Philips BT3500BPrice: $79.99

Website: www.usa.philips.com

Rad said: The Philips B3500B is a small speaker that combines Bluetooth connectivity with a slightly retro style that should please many listeners who like a midrange-centric sound.

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The gist: Not bad, but look for it on sale.

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