Crystal Cable Arabesque MinissimoPrice: $12,995 per pair

Website: www.crystalcable.com

Doug said: I consider it the king -- or, perhaps, the queen -- of luxury-grade two-way loudspeakers.

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The gist: The little speaker for the jet set.

Focal Sopra No2Price: $13,999 per pair

Website: www.focal.com

Doug said: I could see living with a pair of Sopra No2s and not wanting more for a very long time. The Sopra No2 more than lives up to its name: It not only goes over and above; it goes above and beyond.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: An instant classic in Focal’s impressive line.

Focus Audio Prestige FP90 BEPrice: $13,800 per pair

Website: www.focusaudio.com

Jason said: For nearly two years now, more often than not, I’ve had a Focus speaker or amp -- or both -- in my system. It’s been an excellent way to while away 700 days, and my time with the FP90 BE has reaffirmed that there’s likely to be a Focus speaker in my future, if and when I get too old or jaded to continue reviewing.

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The gist: Another solid effort from Focus Audio.

Magico Q7 Mk IIPrice: $229,000 per pair

Website: www.magico.net

Jeff said: What’s not debatable is that, in every area I value as an audiophile and music lover, the Q7 Mk II comes closer to perfection than anything else I’ve ever experienced.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: The best just got better.

Muraudio Domain Omni PX1Price: $63,000 per pair

Website: www.muraudio.com

Doug said: The Domain Omni PX1s cast the broadest, deepest soundstage ever in my room, all the while maintaining good center fill and sharp image focus. Add to these outstanding build quality and finishwork commensurate with the price, and a distinctive visual style, and you have a top-drawer transducer unlike any other on the planet today.

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The gist: Marries omnidirectional and electrostatic technologies resulting in a unique-sounding speaker.

Vienna Acoustics Imperial LisztPrice: $15,000 per pair

Website: www.vienna-acoustics.com

Aron said: The Liszt is a wonderfully neutral-, natural-, and cohesive-sounding loudspeaker; it grabbed me with its realism simply by sounding so right. What makes the Vienna Acoustics Imperial Liszt truly special is that it evokes genuine emotion and excitement. I can’t think of better reasons on which to base a confident recommendation of them.

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The gist: Coincident-array-based speaker that might be what you’re looking for.

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