Ascendo C6Price: $3990 per pair

Website: www.ascendo.de

Sid said: the Ascendo C6 proved that pleasing appearance, placement flexibility, and great sound need not be mutually exclusive. If you’re looking for a loudspeaker for your family or living room, and need great sound without worrying too much about front-wall proximity, the Ascendo C6 should be at the top of your must-audition list.

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The gist: Slimline German speaker with some unique design traits.

BluesoundPrice: $999

Website: www.bluesound.com

Kevin said: The Powernode and Duo are simply a dedicated combo of receiver and speakers -- but this “receiver” is a dedicated streaming tuner, and the speakers are three diminutive wonders from Paul Barton. They are elegant reinventions of tried-and-true audio products.

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The gist: Barton-designed 2.1-channel speaker system is compact and attractive.

Bryston Mini APrice: $1200 per pair

Website: www.bryston.com

Philip said: The no-frills Mini A gets on with the business of producing superb sound at a price within the reach of many. Add to this Bryston’s 20-year warranty, and the Mini A seems not only a good investment, but a sensible one.

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The gist: Gets all the basic speaker stuff right at an affordable price.

Cambridge Audio Aeromax 6Price: $1500 per pair

Website: www.cambridgeaudio.com

Vince said: The cohesiveness of voices and piano through the Aeromax 6 is unmatched in my experience in the price range of $1500-$3000/pair. If you’re looking in that range, and value imaging and soundstaging above all else, look no further: the Aeromax 6 is your answer. It’s pure gold.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: The Balanced Mode Radiator really delivers vocals just right.

Eclipse TD508MK3Price: $1490 per pair

Website: www.eclipse-td.net

Wes said: Would I be happy with the Eclipse TD508MK3s as the main speakers of my nearfield system? Absolutely yes. Try a pair. I think you’ll be happy too.

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The gist: These tiny desktop speakers are imaging champs.

GoldenEar Technology Triton FivePrice: $1999.98 per pair

Website: www.goldenear.com

Roger said: At $1999.98/pair, the GoldenEar Triton Five is a fantastic performer -- a true high-end speaker at a true entry-level price. It receives my highest recommendation.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: All of these GoldenEar speakers seem like winners.

GoldenEar Technology Triton One Price: $4999.98 per pair

Website: www.goldenear.com

Doug said: The Triton One’s performance across the board is exceptional. I’m sure you can’t find another speaker that offers all it does -- in short, full-range, reference-grade sound -- for a price that any serious audiophile with a decent job can afford: $4999.98/pair. The hi-fi world needs more products like this. That’s why GoldenEar’s Triton One gets my highest recommendation.

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The gist: Bass: get 20Hz for the price of 40Hz.

KEF R100Price: $1199.99

Website: www.kef.com

Jeff said: The R100s could handle anything I threw at them. With any given track, I was always anxious to hear exactly how they would handle it, how much composure they could muster. But when fed acoustic rock or small-combo jazz recordings, and fueled by an efficient amplifier with some electrical fortitude, the KEF R100s perform with the confidence and poise of a grand master.

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The gist: Great all-’rounder with exceptional coherence.

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