808 Hex SLPrice: $59.99

Website: www.808audio.com

Rad said: The 808 Hex SL has very good sound, though not quite as good as the small Bluetooth speakers from Logitech, Grace Digital, and Denon. However, if you need a speaker to fit a really small space, I can’t think of one that would work better.

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The gist: Pretty decent for its size.

Boston Acoustics MC100Price: $149

Website: www.bostonacoustics.com

Rad said: I could find no type of music that the MC100 Blue didn’t do pretty full justice. This little speaker with the big sound sounded exciting with anything from solo guitar to opera to rock. Boston Acoustics’ MC100 Blue is an excellent Bluetooth speaker -- among the finest I’ve heard. It looks sleek and modern, and sounds good with any type of music. It’s a remarkable value for $149, and one of the bigger bargains of this past holiday season.

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The gist: Lots of bang-for-the-buck in this Bluetooth speaker.

Definitive Technology CubePrice: $249

Website: www.definitivetech.com

Roger said: I heartily recommend the Cube for its ability to provide high-quality sound in a variety of settings, and for the convenience of its small size.

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The gist: An example of Bluetooth speakers getting better and better.

Denon Envaya DSB-200BKPrice: $219.99

Website: www.usa.denon.com

Rad said: Denon’s Envaya DSB-200BKis a winner. It projects any kind of music convincingly, and looks great while doing so. Its innovative kickstand design is contemporary and cool, and the interchangeable grillecloths and power adapters are nice touches.

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The gist: A winner amongst the plethora of portable Bluetooth speakers.

Grace Digital EcoxGear EcoRoxPrice: $129.99

Website: www.gracedigitalaudio.com

Rad said: Bottom line: With the Grace EcoRox, you can take your summer sounds just about anywhere you go, and they’ll still sound good.

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The gist: What every beachgoer needs.

Grace Digital EncorePrice: $199.99; rechargeable battery pack, $39.99

Website: www.gracedigitalaudio.com

Rad said: Given a good signal, it sounds more than respectable. And it’s a full-featured alarm clock. Its list price is a bit high, but you can find it online for around $175. At that price, it might be just what you need to fulfill your sense of musical adventure.

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The gist: Pretty good in most areas but dated looks.

Jabra Solemate MiniPrice: $99.99

Website: www.jabra.com

Rad said: I do like the Solemate’s sole -- it’s a clever way to keep the speaker from jumping around. I also like having the mini-plug cord stowed aboard at all times. And I like being able to check the battery level. But for me, until something else comes along, the Logitech Mini Boom wins the Battle of the Bluetooth Mini Speakers hands down.

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The gist: Pretty good but takes a backseat to the Logitech Mini Boom.

Logitech UE Mini BoomPrice: $99.99

Website: www.logitech.com

Rad said: The UE Mini Boom is the Little Bluetooth Speaker that Could. It wirelessly produced room-filling sound that was well balanced and free of distortion. It’s totally portable, and will partner with a laptop well. It has a generous warranty of two years, and it’s affordable -- Amazon.com sells it for $79.95.

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The gist: Wireless little guy has a big sound.

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