Amphion Argon 7LPrice: $6000 per pair

Website: www.amphion.fi

Philip said: Combined with its modern, minimalist appearance and solid build quality, the Argon7L ticks all the right boxes for me. Like the Argon3 bookshelf and the Argon3L floorstander before it, the Argon7L is an easy recommendation.

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The gist: Clean lines and clean sound from this cool Finnish speaker.

Eclipse TD510ZMK2Price: $5990 per pair

Website: www.eclipse-td.net

Wes said: I love music, and I’m always looking for that special component that gives me a whole new perspective on my record collection. Auditioning the Eclipses will provide just such an experience.

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The gist: A speaker and a conversation piece.

Joseph Audio PulsarPrice: $7700 per pair

Website: www.josephaudio.com

Graham said: The Pulsar is a great loudspeaker for $7700/pair; rather than stuff boxes, Jeff Joseph has taken time to spec drivers, build cabinets, and design a crossover network. He’s put all that together in a model that sets a sonic benchmark for me for smaller loudspeakers.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Solid all-around stand-mount from a specialist manufacturer.

KEF Reference 1Price: $7499.99 per pair

Website: www.kef.com

Doug said: KEF’s Reference 1 is the best stand-mounted speaker I’ve ever heard. The bottommost octave excepted, it’s among the very best speakers I’ve heard of any size and price. As its name implies, the Reference 1 can indeed be considered a reference for stand-mounted loudspeaker design.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: The smallish speaker Doug has been waiting for.

Sonus Faber Olympica IPrice: $6500 per pair

Website: www.sonusfaber.com

Hans said: The Olympica I should go to the very top of the shopping lists of those who want a loudspeaker that looks and feels every bit as good as it sounds.

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The gist: Sumptuous Italian standmount speaker for the connoisseur.

Vivid Oval V1.5Price: $7700 per pair

Website: www.vividaudio.com

Hans said: It’s a world-class two-way loudspeaker, with obscene speed and transparency, and an ability to resolve the finest recorded details, that would be laudable even at twice the price. To find these qualities for well under $10,000/pair is a most pleasant surprise. If there is a better demonstration of high-end engineering successfully trickled down to an affordable product, I’m unaware of it.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Super-resolution two-way is the entry into the Vivid Audio world.

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