Atomic Audio LabsPrice: $349

Website: www.atomicaudiolabs.com

Doug said: The Mac Platform performed more or less as promised by Atomic Audio Labs, providing a worthwhile increase in sound quality across the entire audioband. While the cost of the Mac Platform may seem high, the cost of the components and accessories of a good high-end system could very well result in the Platform being the least-expensive device in the rack.

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The gist: Improve the sound and appearance of your Mac Mini.

Definitive Technology Sound CylinderPrice: $199

Website: www.definitivetech.com

Ian said: Regardless of what I threw at it, Definitive Technology’s Sound Cylinder was engaging with all types of music -- everything from Green Day, Adele, Daft Punk, and Bill Frisell to Dvorák and Copland. It may not unravel layers of detail like a pair of KEF LS50s or Dynaudio Focus 340s, or even offer the bass response of a pair of entry-level monitors like the PSB Imagine Minis, but it’s pretty obvious that somebody forgot to tell it that.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Highly potent little add-on for your tablet computer.

G-Project G-GoPrice: $69.99

Website: www.gprojectgear.com

Rad said: I found the G-Project G-Go to be just fine for use in the shower. Its sturdy design meant that I could pick it up by its built-in handle and take it just about anywhere. The fact that the G-Go uses only nonrechargeable batteries will be a drawback to some, but it can be plugged into any wall outlet. And I appreciated the inclusion of basic Play/Pause and Skip Forward/Back buttons. The G-Go has plenty of volume and plays loud without excessive distortion. The only bad news is its warranty: a mere 90 days.

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The gist: Cool form factor for this portable.

Grace Digital ECOXBTPrice: $129.99

Website: www.gracedigitalaudio.com

Rad said: I was amazed at the quantity and quality of sound produced by Grace Digital’s little ECOXBT. You can carry it with you as easily as your sunglasses or your favorite T-shirt.

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The gist: Solid little portable that provides decent sound anywhere.

Grace Digital MondoPrice: $179.99

Website: www.gracedigitalaudio.com

Rad said: As a mono table radio, it sounded very good. It was especially good if you’re listening to talk radio. If you’re listening to music, you’ll find that it most likely won’t give you room-filling sound without distorting, though I think half the reports of bad sound can be attributed to bad broadcast signals.

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The gist: Decent choice for a nice clock radio but there is a lot of competition.

HDMX Jam PlusPrice: $59.99 each

Website: www.hmdxaudio.com

Rad said: The Jam Plus will appeal to only the most casual listener -- the sort who thinks that MP3s sound just great. The serious audiophile is urged to seek out another brand. The Jam Plus is little more than a toy -- cool in some respects, but incapable of playing music in a way that I would enjoy hearing.

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The gist: Skip it.

Logitech Harmony TouchPrice: $249.99

Website: www.logitech.com

Rad said: The Harmony Touch looks sharp, works accurately and well, and can control up to 15 devices. For those who prefer to operate their home-theater and/or audio systems with a dedicated universal remote, the Logitech Harmony Touch is a very good choice.

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The gist: If you don’t use a Smartphone and an app, choose this.

Logitech UEPrice: $249.99

Website: www.logitech.com

Rad said: Of course, no Boombox should be expected to produce anything like the sound quality required for serious listening. The Logitech would work OK for a party or background music, however.

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The gist: Portable, but just not that great.

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