Dynamique Audio CelestialPrices: $7650 per 2m pair, 2550 per 1m pair, $495 per 1m cord, respectively

Website: www.dynamiqueaudio.com 

Hans said: Deeply resolving and full of high-quality components, they look, feel, and, most important, sound like the reference-caliber products one should demand at these prices -- prices that are still only fractions of what other companies sell their reference products for.

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The gist: Hans said these were basically perfect.

Siltech ExplorerPrices: $800/1m pair and $1800/2.5m pair, respectively

Website: www.siltechcables.com

Jeff said: If you want to throw open the window on your music and let the light shine in on it, these cables might be just what you’re looking for. When you combine their sonic performance with their exceptional build quality, along with a brand name that will invite pride of ownership and good resale value if you ever want to move up the line, it’s hard to imagine anyone going wrong with the purchase of the Siltech Explorers.

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The gist: Less than you’d expect to spend for Siltech quality.

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