Anthem Statement M1Price: $7000 per pair

Website: www.anthemav.com

Jeff said: What I can unequivocally say is that the Anthem Statement M1 is darn near the ideal of a straight wire with gain, and at 1000W, that gain is almost unlimited. Is that enough for you? I suspect that, for many listeners, the answer will be an emphatic yes.

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The gist: Awesome power, great sound quality, reasonable price.

Axiom Audio ADA-1000Price: $1340

Website: www.axiomaudio.com 

Roger said: It’s a great-sounding amplifier. I was impressed by the sound quality of this budget-friendly amp, and was more than happy to have it in my reference multichannel system for an extended period.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Watts-per-dollar champ that sounds good, too.

Calyx Audio FemtiPrice: $1950 each

Website: www.calyxaudio.com

Tim said: The Calyx Femti does a whole lot right and very little wrong, and does it in a neat, tidy, power- and space-efficient package at a price within reach of many audiophiles. In the world of power amplifiers, less indeed seems to be becoming more.

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The gist: Class D continues its impressive evolution.

Copland CTA 506Price: $6500

Website: www.copland.dk

Doug said: The Copland CTA 506 is a modern-day implementation of tube technology with a thoroughly enjoyable sound that retains the best aspects of tubed designs while doing an admirable job of avoiding the technology’s weaknesses.

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The gist: A solid value in the tube-amplification arena.

Gryphon MephistoPrice: $57,000

Website: www.gryphon-audio.dk

Jeff said: I’ve never heard the equal of the Gryphon Mephisto. It combines qualities that seem clearly contradictory: It had the best bass I could imagine, yet could image as precisely as anything I’ve heard. It expanded the soundstage in every direction, yet perfectly retained the midrange purity of a single performer standing dead center in the soundstage. It resolved the finest details of hi-rez recordings, and at the same time presented music in a cohesive, musically enjoyable manner at all times.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Best solid-state amp Jeff has heard.

JE Audio S400Price: $16,000

Website: www.je-audio.com

Michael said: JE Audio’s Dyad S400 showed itself to be an excellent performer in all respects. I put it through its paces and compared it to some excellent-sounding amplifiers, and it more than held its own.

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The gist: Solid-state excellence from a company normally associated with tubes.

JE Audio VM60Price: $6400 per pair

Website: www.je-audio.com

Doug said: I can strongly recommend the VM60 to those who desire a bit of tube magic, and whose speakers will mate well with them. What I heard from the VM60s was extraordinarily good sound for the price.

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The gist: Good-sounding, high-value tube monos from Asia.

KR Audio VA910Price: $16,500 per pair

Website: www.kraudio.com

Michael said: The KR Audio VA910 sounds wonderful and looks great. Its build quality -- which should create great pride of ownership -- its refinement of appearance, and its exceptional sound make for a very compelling amplifier. There’s a lot of competition at the VA910’s price, but it’s definitely worthy of your consideration for all that it might bring to your listening room.

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The gist: Made in Prague, and very competitive in the tube-amp marketplace.

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