The 2013 SoundStage! Network Buying Guide features summaries of all stereo and home-theater products reviewed in the calendar year across all of our publications. The Buying Guide is subdivided by product and price, with each article including pricing details, a review summary, a full-review link, and product-award indicators.

All prices are in US dollars.

JL Audio E-Sub e110Price: $1500

Website: www.jlaudio.com

Kevin said: JL Audio’s E-Sub e110 is a terrific component. If $1500 is your price point, then you’re missing something special if you don’t give it a listen. Recommended.

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The gist: One of the best subs for the price we can think of.

JL Audio E-Sub e112Price: $1900 in Black Ash, $2100 in Black Gloss

Website: www.jlaudio.com

Jeff said: At the end of the day, the E-Sub e112 is an output beast with fidelity to match. That’s worth the asking price in most any system. In fact, its performance makes the e112 the no-brainer buy of the year.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Pounds out high-fidelity bass.

REL R-328Price: $1799

Website: www.rel.net

S. Andrea said: The R-328 made my system sound more dynamic, and remarkably increased its ability to convey the ambient information contained on most naturally miked recordings. To sum up the REL R-328’s performance in a single word: excellent.

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The gist: Not designed for HT, but for the audiophile in need of deep bass.

SVS PC13-UltraPrice: $1699

Website: www.svsound.com

Jason said: I heartily recommend the SVS PC13-Ultra. If you’re looking to add a subwoofer to a system that you use mostly for movies, but also want to use for listening to music without any drawbacks, I can’t imagine that it will disappoint you. If you’re looking for a music-only sub, the PC13-Ultra might well be overkill -- I doubt you’d ever use it to anywhere near its full capabilities.

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The gist: A good all-‘round sub in a tube.

Amphion Ion+Price: $1395 per pair

Website: www.amphion.fi

Hans said: Amphion’s Ion+ is a precision instrument. Its hallmark of accuracy makes it a compelling proposition, and its size and Northern European style make it an attractive one as well.

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The gist: Finnish minimonitor with a distinctive style and neutral sound.

Atlantic Technology AT-2Price: $1800 per pair

Website: www.atlantictechnology.com

Philip said: I’m certain that the AT-2’s combination of strengths will appeal to those who want the more full-range sound of a floorstander combined with the sort of imaging usually heard only from minimonitors. If that describes you, you’ll definitely want to hear a pair of AT-2s.

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The gist: Great bass, and overall pretty good.

Audio Pro Living LV2ePrice: $1000 per pair

Website: www.audiopro.com

Jeff said: For speakers so small, the LV2e’s had wonderful resolution and exceptional transparency, while establishing a soundstage of impressive depth and dimension. They’re fast, delicate, and detailed, and their two-way design coherently integrates the bass, treble, and midrange.

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The gist: Who wouldn't want a powered, leather-wrapped minimonitor?

AudioSolutions Rhapsody 80Price: $4187 per pair

Website: www.audiosolutions.lt

Doug said: All told, for its asking price, the Rhapsody 80 performed exceedingly well in my room. Color me impressed -- very impressed.

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The gist: A new company producing a surprisingly good speaker for a fair price.

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