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The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is fast becoming "the show" for both exhibitors and audiophiles, as the atmosphere is welcoming, the pace a bit slower than at CES, the products spectacular, and the show sounds very good. It was a pleasure to wander the halls and slip into the demo rooms all day, picking out some highlights in analog products I spotted. I found a lot that impressed, even captivated me for sound, design, or value. What follows, today and tomorrow, are my Top Five of each of two days. 

The other day I wrote about five analog products that caught my eye. That was the first part. Here are my Top Five picks today:

This gallery features photos of people in the industry exhibiting at and attending the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest show -- click to view.

Yesterday I wrote that the TEAC Reference Series products set a benchmark for value at RMAF 2010 that I thought I would be hard pressed to find competition for. Well, folks, today I found the best value of the show, bar none.

These days, consumers are very careful about how they spend their money. I suspect that they’re also looking for good advice from the audio press. So when I arrived at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, I decided that I would focus my daily write-ups on products I see here that I would consider buying. I'm calling it "Stuff I'd Buy." This first group comes from TEAC of Japan, a company that also owns Esoteric, a brand consisting mostly of upscale, cost-no-object audio components.

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