EgglestonWorks FontainePrice: $8500 per pair

Website: www.egglestonworks.com

Tim said: I’ve heard excellent speakers that would please any obsessive-compulsive audiophile, and others that make such beautiful music that they can bring grown men to tears. The EgglestonWorks Fontaine Signature is that rarity among loudspeakers: It does both, and without dominating your room while doing so. Growing up does have its advantages.

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The gist: Can't afford but want an Andra? Get these and add a sub.

Monitor Audio Gold GX300Price: $5500 per pair

Website: www.monitoraudio.com

Aron said: The more time I spent with the Gold GX300s, the more I came to appreciate their distinctive tonal purity and dynamic range, and their uncanny ability to breathe life into pretty much any recording. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Gold GX300. I can’t help but give it my highest recommendation.

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The gist: This ribbon-based speaker is a real contender at its price.

PMC twenty.24Price: $5999 per pair

Website: www.pmc-speakers.com

Doug said: My first impressions of the PMC twenty.24’s appearance and sound were positive, and throughout the course of the review I grew to like them even more. I ended up liking them enough that if I were in the market for yet another pair of speakers, these are the ones I’d buy; partly for the way they look, but mostly for how they sound. Once I had the twenty.24s set up correctly, I was rewarded with a well-balanced, near-full-range sound that made long-term listening a joy. I suspect that if you audition the twenty.24s and like what you hear from the outset, you probably won’t tire of them in the long run. I didn’t.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: A speaker that marks 20 years in business for PMC must be special.

Vandersteen TreoPrice: $5995 per pair

Website: www.vandersteen.com

Doug said: As I wrap up this review, I’m listening to Stars and Satellites, the latest album from Trampled by Turtles. I’m mesmerized by how natural the banjo sounds. It’s as if I’m listening to my own banjo being played by someone else. This doesn’t happen very often -- it takes a loudspeaker that gets everything right to sound this convincing.

I love the sound of the Vandersteen Treo.

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The gist: Reasonably priced high end lives on.

VSA VR-35Price: $10,000 per pair

Website: www.vonschweikert.com

Uday said: Von Schweikert Audio’s VR-35 Export Deluxe is a remarkable loudspeaker. It performed wonderfully, handling all musical genres with aplomb. I recently heard VSA’s new VR-44 model at T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach, California, and the VR-35 definitely has the DNA and house sound of the company’s other models: carefully executed engineering resulting in little sonic compromise, to achieve a sound worthy of any audiophile’s expectations.

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The gist: If room placement is an issue, this could be the speaker for you.

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