TWBAS 2012TWBAS stands for The World's Best Audio System, a feature unique to the SoundStage! Network's Ultra Audio publication (www.ultraaudio.com). TWBAS 2012 is a showcase of some of the best audio products from around the world. On January 8, the SoundStage! Network unveiled the companies and components involved in this prestigious event through a streaming video presentation shot in Las Vegas, just two days before CES 2012. Seven companies are supplying products, and representatives from five of the companies were in Las Vegas to take part in the video shoot. The video is available online now at SoundStageGlobal.com.

The TWBAS 2012 event will take place in Jeff Fritz's Music Vault listening room in North Carolina, USA, from March 30-31. Product profiles on each of the products will be published on SoundStageGlobal.com on February 1.

"TWBAS 2012 Introduction" video at SoundStageGlobal.com

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