This SoundStage! Network Buying Guides section started in 2009. The first guide we published is the 2009 SoundStage! Network Equipment Buying Guides which, when released, was published all at once for the entire year. Subsquent years are published "dynamically" -- in other words, as new product reviews are published on the SoundStage! Network, new entries to the corresponding guides are made.

A distinct advantage of the online publishing has over print is the ability to archive old documents alongside new ones. Therefore, even as new buying guides get published, old ones will continue to stay online and be accessible.

A bit about the symbols

Some buying-guide entries are accompanied by one or more of the symbols shown below. These symbols represent awards given out by our various publications. The explanations are below:

rc_70x80 The Reviewers' Choice award is given by our SoundStage!, Home Theater & Sound, and SoundStage! A/V (now an archived legacy site) publications. Products that receive this designation exhibit outstanding value and/or state-of-the-art performance.
goodsound_gb_80x80 The Great Buy! award is given by our GoodSound! publication, which is dedicated to affordable, high-performance audio. Products that receive this designation exhibit high-than-normal performance for the price.
ultra_sel_120x80 The Select Component award is exclusive to Ultra Audio, which focuses on "Sound to the Extreme." Products that receive this designation exhibit outstanding performance and/or other special product attributes that make it unique in its category.

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