All loudspeaker measurements are performed independently at the National Research Council of Canada. All measurement data and graphical information displayed below are the property of the SoundStage! Network and Schneider Publishing Inc. Reproduction in any format is not permitted.

Note: The B1 loudspeaker shows a frequency-response anomaly at about 350Hz when the measurement microphone is placed in front or to the rear of the cabinet. It's because of the way the two woofers are configured -- the sound waves are "wrapping around" the cabinet and causing a cancellation to the front and to the rear. Noting this behavior during the measurement process, we performed an additional frequency-response measurement with the microphone positioned at tweeter height but pointed directly at the midpoint of one cabinet side to show the woofer-summing behavior in this measurement position. We published this additional graph below (C) in the "Frequency response and sensitivity" section.


Microphone measuring position: tweeter axis
Grille: off

Frequency response and sensitivity

Sensitivity: 86.2dB (averaged 300Hz-3kHz, 2.83V/1m)

Chart A: 20Hz - 20kHz (measured @ 2m, plotted @ 1m)


Top curve: on-axis response
Middle curve: 15 degrees off-axis response
Bottom curve: 30 degrees off-axis response

Chart B: 20Hz - 20kHz (measured @ 2m, plotted @ 1m)


Top curve: 45 degrees off-axis response
Middle curve: 60 degrees off-axis response
Bottom curve: 75 degrees off-axis response

Additional measurement
Chart C: 20Hz - 20kHz (measured @ 2m, plotted @ 1m)


Curve: Microphone at the middle side of cabinet, tweeter height

Listening window

20Hz - 20kHz (measured @ 2m, plotted @ 1m)


Response curve is an average of five measurements: on-axis, 15 degrees left and right off-axis, 15 degrees up and down off-axis

Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise

Chart A: @ 90dB, 50Hz - 10kHz (measured @ 2m)


Top curve: frequency response @ 90dB SPL
Bottom curve: THD+N @ 90dB (50Hz - 10kHz)

Chart B: @ 95dB, 50Hz - 10kHz (measured @ 2m)


Top curve: frequency response @ 95dB SPL
Bottom curve: THD+N @ 95dB (50Hz - 10kHz)


Deviation from linearity at 90dB and above

Chart A: Difference @ 90dB from 70dB, 50Hz - 20kHz (measured @ 2m)


Chart B: Difference @ 95dB from 70dB, 50Hz - 20kHz (measured @ 2m)


Impedance magnitude variation


Vertical axis: impedance
Horizontal axis: frequency

Electrical phase


Vertical axis: phase
Horizontal axis: frequency