The Entry Level

The Entry Level: An introduction to high-end audio products for those on a budget

Jul 1996: From Cars to Cables (RA Labs Mini-Reference, Yamaha RX-485, Phillips 926)
Aug 1996: A Tale of Two CD Players (Rotel RCD-955AX, Rotel RCC-940AX)
Sep 1996: Surrounded by Preamps (Rotel RSP-960AX)
Oct 1996: Cheap Maggies (Magnepan MMG)
Nov 1996: An Interconnect Cable Fable (DH Labs BL-1, AudioQuest Quartz)
Dec 1996: NEAR 15M
Jan 1997: Inexpensive D/A and the CAL Gamma
Feb 1997: Rotel RB-956AX
Mar 1997: Vinyl on a budget
Apr 1997: Headphone products from HeadRoom and Grado
Jul 1997: Audio Concepts Titan Subwoofer
Dec 1997: All Tied Up with Speaker Cable

Other columns by Greg Smith


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Acurus ACD-11 CD Player
Parasound C/DC-1500 CD Changer
Camelot Arthur V3.0 DAC

The Golden Zone

Eagles: Their Greatest Hits
Indigo Girls
Boston: Third Stage
Journey: Infinity
XTC: Skylarking
Imports Alan Parsons Project: Eye in the Sky, Foreigner: Juke Box Hero (Best Of)
Zounds! Best of collections from the Allman Brothers Band, Blue Oyster Cult, Kansas, and the Alan Parsons Project
REM: Reckoning
Jennifer Warnes: Famous Blue Raincoat

Convergence Corner

Recording Audio CDs on your PC is off at Greg's home page now.

Dec 1996: Convergence, CD-R Problems, FREQ for cheap spectrum analysis
Jan 1997: CD-R Media and labeling, News from Yamaha, Sound card sampling, CD-ROM audio extraction
Feb 1997: Cool Edit
Mar 1997: Audio Resources