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October 1998

Should Have Been Part Three, But...

When I was preparing to leave Maryland for a new job in Illinois, I had to rush around to get the photos of the rooms of the members of the Southern Maryland Irregulars for this planned installment. In my haste, the photos did not take (way too dark -- inferior flash on my cheesy digital camera), and I was out of time to retake them. So, dear readers, Part Three will never materialize. My most humble apologies.

With the scope and enormity of the move, I have also had no time to bring you any offering this month. The move took its toll on me physically as well. I arose at 6:00 AM on a Saturday and, with the help of those same Southern Maryland Irregulars, loaded all my worldly possessions into a 24-foot moving van, finally hitching the trusty Honda to a tow dolly behind the truck. At 5:30 PM that same afternoon, after saying my farewells to the fair Rebecca, I escorted Katana (one of the world’s only true audiophile felines) into his carrier, and pointed the machine northwest. Some 900 miles and 16 1/2 hours later, at 9:00 AM CST time Sunday morning, the two of us arrived at our new home. With the help of the Mick-meister and several of his friends, we unloaded all my stuff (which included five pairs of speakers) and proceeded to begin the Herculean task of unpacking. I crashed hard that Sunday night at 11:30 PM after one of the most grueling 41-hour-long ordeals of my life.

The new position has also taken a great deal of my time this month. Beside the expected difficulties of adapting to a new position, like learning the new systems and getting used to all the employees, I had the additional burden of applying part of a whole new concept of doing things. In short, I have had little free time.

But, now that I am into the new digs and the system is up (and sounding better than ever, I might add), I am ready to get back to business as usual. Next month I’ll be bringing you the latest DIY cable, the Silver Bit Transfer digital cable. It has been constructed by a couple of the faithful, and they all are as impressed by it as I am. So, until then....

...Greg Weaver


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