Price: $199.99

Website: www.usa.1more.com

Brent said: I can’t think of earphones I like better for $200 -- or even for $300.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Great sound and nine sets of eartips!

Price: $39.99

Website: www.alteclansing.com

Rad said: Altec apparently cut costs in the wrong places: in the electronics and drivers. If you’re going to listen only to spoken word or old-time radio, these headphones will do; but if you want even semi-serious sound quality, be willing to spend a few bucks more.

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The gist: Don’t bother with these.

Price: $3499

Website: www.anthemav.com

Roger said: The MCA 525 may look unpretentious, but don’t underestimate it. Its excellent all-around performance makes it my favorite midpriced multichannel amp.

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The gist: A solid anchor for your new home-theater system.

Price: $599

Website: www.arcam.co.uk

Al said: At $599, the rPlay costs 20 times as much as Google’s puck-like Chromecast Audio -- but when you use the Arcam to listen to Tidal or Spotify, or stream music from a media server on your computer or NAS, your ears will tell you that the difference is worth the money.

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The gist: Hi-rez streaming the Arcam way.

Price: $2000

Website: www.arcam.co.uk

Al said: Arcam’s Solo Music will be great for those who want to dispense with a component-based hi-fi system. With everything included -- amplifier, preamp, SACD/CD player, DLNA network streamer -- all you need to add are speakers (and a sub, if you’ve got one).

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The gist: The most simplified Arcam system so far.

Price: $399 with Cipher and analog cables, $349 with analog cable only

Website: www.audeze.com

Brent said: If you want top-notch, audiophile-grade sound you can enjoy at home and easily take along to your office, cubicle, or hotel room, I can’t think of a more practical and cost-effective way to get it. This is $4000 worth of sound for $400.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Unique design delivers stunning sound quality.

Price: AU$11,900

Website: www.audia.it

Edgar said: Add to all that the aesthetic design flair commensurate with the Italian credo plus the Swiss-precision build quality and you have yourself one extremely serious power amplifier that should last you a lifetime.

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The gist: Italian designed, nicely styled stereo amp.

Price: $14,995 per pair

Website: www.audiophysic.com

Aron said: In the Codex, Audio Physic has produced something special. I highly recommend that anyone willing to spend up to $15,000 on a pair of speakers give it a serious listen.

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The gist: Rock-solid bass and very revealing.

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