201010_krellFor almost three decades, the Krell brand name has been synonymous with high-end amplifiers, preamplifers, and digital components. In recent years, the company branched out into loudspeakers. Now they’re entering the cable market with their first power-cord product, the Vector HC, claiming it is the only power cable "engineered to the same rigorous standards as Krell electronics, and the first to address the total AC needs of high-current components.” 

According to the company’s October 21 press release, the Vector HC is constructed as follows: “Three conductors of finely stranded oxygen-free 11 AWG copper make up the conductor complement. Each conductor is separately insulated in a Teflon-based material providing a linear and predictable dielectric constant. A spiral sheath of individual fiberglass strands protects the conductors in a flexible yet strong framework. Providing increased mechanical stability, a clear PVC jacket secures the entire package. Furutech power connectors, widely recognized as the industry leader, complete Vector HC cables. These connectors feature a unique, sprung-metal bridge tying the various parts together, shunting any noise potential to ground and significantly reducing distortion for ultra clean and stable power transfer.”  The retail price for the Vector HC starts at $1500 USD for a 3-foot length.

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