Sanch Electronix, Trinidad and Tobago distributor for NAD, PSB, Aurender, Audience, Torus Power, Berkeley Audio Design, Reference Recordings, Delos, and AudioQuest, among other audiophile brands, has launched a campaign to help educate and inspire underprivileged children using Trinidad and Tobago’s traditional steelpan music as the vehicle. Simeon Sandiford, Sanch Electronix's founder and managing director, states: “Laventille, a Ward in Trinidad and Tobago, is nestled on a hill overlooking Port of Spain, the country’s capital. It is acknowledged as the epicenter and cradle of the steelband -- the home of some of the most famous and infamous names in steelband history. Laventille is also often in the local news as a cauldron of crime, delinquency, and disempowerment. But, that is only part of the story of Laventille.

“At the foot of the hill lies Success Village, home of the Success Laventille Secondary School. We have a vision to leverage the proud history and passion for steelpan music as a fulcrum for empowering students to become self-sufficient, self-confident, and successful global entrepreneurs. We endeavor to change the stereotype of people coming from Laventille.”

Success Stars Pan Sounds

In order to realize this project, Sanch Electronix has launched a GoFundMe campaign in a strategic partnership with the local school board and Success Laventille Secondary School. Contributors will receive a high-resolution download of the Sanch release Success Stars Pan Sounds.

Laventille on GoFundMe website