Bryston, which initially established itself as an electronics manufacturer, first entered the loudspeaker market almost three years ago with the floorstanding Model T, which was a tremendous success. Since then, the company has expanded their loudspeaker offerings to include numerous main-speaker models, as well as subwoofers. The newest addition to their line is the Mini A, a 15”-tall, three-way, stand-mounted design that features a 6.5” aluminum-cone woofer, 3” aluminum-cone midrange, and 1” titanium-dome tweeter. Priced at $1200 USD/pair, the Mini A is the company’s most affordable loudspeaker so far, yet it incorporates technologies featured in their more costlier models. According to Bryston’s February 26 press release: “The Mini A design has benefited from extensive enclosure vibration analysis, crossover network refinement and anechoic chamber testing in order to deliver true high fidelity at an affordable price. Like all Bryston loudspeakers, the Mini A is capable of high output levels without introducing distortion or compression into the listening experience. Each pair is unit-to-unit matched to ensure uniform response.”

According to Bryston’s supplied specifications, the Mini A boasts a frequency response of 60Hz to 20Khz (+/-3dB), a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, and an anechoic sensitivity of 87dB (2.83V/m). Standard finishes for the Mini A include Natural Cherry, Boston Cherry, and Black Ash, but it is also available in custom finishes for an additional charge. The Mini A is available through Bryston’s dealers now.

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